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I'm having trouble while trying to use beamer but m getting this error "`beamer.cls' not found" i've downloaded the required file but it keeps asking for other files and it seems lyk it's not ending

what should i do?

Asked on 18:53, Monday 16 May 2016 By Khaoula Djafri (16 points)
In Fouille de données II

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This should have been all possibly necessary steps. Perhaps you need different install rights, since you could install as a user or as an administrator. You could post your .log file here, though I guess it would not tell anything about a possible beamer installation and location. Try kpsewhich beamer.cls at the command prompt, though I guess it won't be found.

Another possibility would be to install tex live, which works fine on Windows

Answered on 22:13, Tuesday 17 Dec 2019 by noussaiba ledjemel (23 points)
In Fouille de données II

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