I am pleased to welcome everyone to the University portal and thank all my fellow staff and all faculties for their cooperation with us.

      Prestigious universities pay close attention to their sources of strength and are keen to nurture and develop them; they are the pillars that characterize them now and in the future. At the forefront of these sources, there are the history of the university’s founding, the excellence of its outputs in research, and education and community service. Perhaps, the most important thing that determines the university’s strength and heritage is the excellence of its graduates, with the knowledge and experience they hold that qualify them for continued success in scientific and practical life.

     Thankfully, Mohamed-Cherif Souk-ahras University in Algeria has many sources of strength and excellence, including the quality of outputs that have proven to be worthy in forums, locally, regionally, and, God willing, globally, and its quality investigation in its operations is certainly a sign of the effectiveness of planning, good implementation and accuracy of review and evaluation.

     Mohamed-Cherif Souk-ahras University aspires to create a stimulating educational environment for its students at all levels, with accredited academic programs, and in keeping with the rapid changes taking place in society, developing their skills and abilities, refining their talents, encouraging them to create and innovate, and meeting the needs of the labor market of the distinguished national cadres, who are able to take responsibility. In light of these requirements, the University needs to continuously develop its scientific and research outputs, to give strategic priority to innovation, to create an incubator environment that encourages creativity, and to contribute to enhancing the state’s role in sustainable development and the knowledge economy at the local and global levels, by encouraging innovators to achieve a wise vision, and always striving for excellence and leadership through continuous evaluations  of the teaching and learning processes.

     The University also seeks to take advantage of modern ICT in teaching educational programs and courses, establishing e-learning strategies, disseminating the digitization system throughout its management, pedagogical and research activities, particularly after the Covid-19 pandemic. It develops the efficiency of its staff and improves its management services by laying the foundations to support this transformation, and devotes the idea of working in a team spirit, emphasizing the importance of continuous review of internal regulations, policies and procedures periodically, and their importance in improvement and development, which is reflected in the benefit of the university community and strategic partners effectively and distinctly.

      We emphasize our tireless efforts to enable Mohamed-CherifSoukahrasUniversity to achieve its lofty mission as an assistant in the service of the community, and its development through direct and continuous communication with all its segments, the provision of educational services, awareness, advisory and outstanding research, in addition to providing scientific and technical advice to economic, social and cultural institutions, in order to achieve sustainable development.

     We also stress on the university’s keenness to build bridges of communication with its graduates – sensing the importance of this in supporting the permanent and continuous advancement of all its outputs – and that the university looks proudly at its graduates, and considers them ambassadors of the university in local and international forums. So, we see that this website is dedicated to monitoring outstanding graduates to be a role model and inspiration for all university students, pushing them to do their utmost to actively participate in building the country.

   In conclusion, we renew our welcome to you, and affirm that the doors of the University are open to all, to build partnerships with all institutions and individuals at the local, national, regional and global levels, for a university that is knowledge-rising, its mission is the renaissance project of the nation and its stability, God willing, and its motto is:“Hope, Work, Leadership and Excellence”. Certainly, the above-mentioned objectives cannot be achieved, without the cooperation, the active and positive contribution of the entire university family, becausethe challenges are great, and the hope is greater for the progress of the university through qualified professors, well-informed students, cooperative staff and an appropriate scientific and practical climate.

All the best!

The President of the University