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Understanding the Learning Process

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Explain how the teacher's knowledge about the characteristics of learning helps him or her in the classroom.

Asked on 14:31, Sunday 29 Mar 2020 By Wissem HADADI
In Cognitive psychology / Communication sciences

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  1. Creative :The teacher must be creative in the classroom this applied to every grade level and every subject .
  2. Organisation and attention to detail:successful teacher are organized and pay attention to small details on a daily basis. 
  3. Flexibility: flexibility is both an attitude and a mindset. Teachers who can go with the flow encourage that necessary life skill in their students .planning and focus can make it much easier to pick up where u left off and get your students and your self back on track 
  4. Curiosity:the most successful and engaging teachers still love to learn themselves even educators how have been teaching for decades can discover something new every day from their students or the subject they are teaching. 
  5. Compassion:teachers especially in public schools encounter students from wealthy families or poor.they may have illnesses or disabilities or they may have experienced trauma in their lives. Truly compassionate teachers get to know their students and build a relationship with them .

Answered on 14:40, Sunday 5 Apr 2020 by Rahima Aitoubeli (72 points)
In Cognitive psychology / Communication sciences

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