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How to detect plagiarism in a text ?

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Discuss the main features and classification procedure to automatically detect plagiarism in a given text ?

Asked on 10:15, Thursday 5 Dec 2019 By Imed BOUCHRIKA
In Apprentissage automatique II

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It is impossible to check manually if the text provided by writers is 100 percent original. It is not only difficult but also time-consuming, considering the checker will have a dozen other things to accomplish and many more papers to check! This is where a plagiarism checker tool comes in handy, especially for a teacher, a student, a writer, or a client who wants to ensure that the work produced is original and free from plagiarism.

A plagiarism checker tool provides accurate results within seconds of running the test, helping the checker establish the authenticity of work. Nearly all the tools out there use their unique algorithms to test large chunks of texts against indexed web pages.

Answered on 16:20, Thursday 12 Dec 2019 by noussaiba ledjemel (23 points)
In Apprentissage automatique II

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