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Features for choosing a news article

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There are many newspapers and online publishing platform discussing recent news. We need to write a recommendation algorithm to show the best news article within a specific topic.

As a user, I am highly interested to read only relevant news articles, List the main features that can be used for the classification of choosing the relevant article.

Asked on 09:56, Thursday 5 Dec 2019 By Imed BOUCHRIKA
In Apprentissage automatique II

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les articles ={article1, article2, article3,....}

users = {user1,user2,user3,user4,....}

rating[i,j]=(user-i, article-j)

new-article= {article-x}

update rating (user-i, article-x)

profile-user (topic, rating)

calculate the distance between users using the rating regarding topic who read article-x

if user-y (not rate article) 

for all distance (user-y, user-c) = high && high (rating(article-x, user-c))

suggeste(article-x, user-y)

end for

end if






Answered on 22:00, Saturday 7 Dec 2019 by wahiba han (4 points)
In Apprentissage automatique II

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Features for choosing a news article:









Answered on 12:19, Saturday 18 Jan 2020 by nesrine boutarfa (28 points)
In Apprentissage automatique II

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