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Appel à candidature pour les postes vacants au sein de l’Union Africaine


Appel à candidature pour les postes vacants au sein de l’Union Africaine suivants :

PosteOrganeLieu/paysDate limite
01Traducteur /Interprète en langue française (P-4)Commission africaine des droits de l’homme et des peuplesBanjul (Gambie)01 aout 2022
02Traducteur /Interprète en langue portugaise  (P-4Commission africaine des droits de l’homme et des peuplesBanjul (Gambie)01 aout 2022
03Traducteur /Interprète en langue arabe (P-4)Commission africaine des droits de l’homme et des peuplesBanjul (Gambie)01 aout 2022


– Les candidats intéressés sont invités à postuler en ligne sur le lien : tout en respectant la date limite fixée par la CUA pour la soumission en ligne des candidatures.

– Une fois la soumission en ligne effectuée, les postulants devront envoyer une copie de leur dossier de candidature à l’adresse électronique suivante:

تعزية و مواساة اثر وفاة الزميل مراد شلبي


Top rated VDR Suppliers to Support Discounts Between Establishments


There are many types of virtual data rooms available, however you might be pondering which ones are the most effective. There are a number of numerous types of services, but they all experience a common idea: M&A-focused VDRs. These types of systems are built to aid organizations throughout the due diligence method, and also assist in deal-related actions such as capital raising, debt reduced stress, and deal-lifecycle management. Additionally , these alternatives offer enterprise-grade security and robust analytics, as well as a strong search engine and redaction application.

Pricing models for digital data bedrooms vary extensively, so it’s crucial for you to understand the different choices before making a decision. A lot of providers present an unlimited system, while others impose per deal or webpage. The latter may be more affordable, yet overages can happen at any time. As with any service plan, it’s best best virtual data room providers to understand the expenses before choosing a VDR. Many providers deliver free tests, so you should definitely take advantage of that.

CapLinked’s cloud-based virtual data room program has a a lot of center features, and eliminates the need for add-ons. A modern interface is also a serious plus, and it facilitates all types of work flow. Pricing is easy, and CapLinked offers a variety of registration plans. A per-use approach is also available for those who no longer want to commit to a long-term contract.

تعزية و مواساة اثر وفاة الزميل خليل بوشوك


How to Start a Voyager Transport Business


Before you start functioning a passenger carry business, you will need to make sure there is also a market to your product. With out a market, your business will fail to sustain itself. A market evaluation can help you distinguish the spaces in the market and pain details among your competitors. After completing a thorough research of your target market, you can develop a strategy to appeal to these gaps. Here are some tips to get started:

Sign-up your company with the appropriate federal agency. This will save you time and energy in obtaining licenses out of various specialists. Additionally , a registered organization name could make it easier to file taxation. You can also set up a good organization credit through this sign up. If you plan to utilize a vehicle to handle people, make sure you register it as a automobile transport business so that you can prevent legal trouble. Upon having registered your company name, you can apply for a company identification amount. This kind of number is free and it is a must-have for virtually any transportation organization.

To get the correct financing, you must understand the basic financials of this transportation sector. After determining the source of funding, you should determine how very much you can afford to spend about various expenditures. Besides calculating the operating costs, you must also consider the charges customized to the strategies industry. These expenses contain licenses, tolls, fuel, routine service and driver skill development training. Having the correct financing is important if you plan on successfully starting a passenger transportation business.

guide de bon pratiques


Veuillez trouver 04 fichiers de Guides de bonnes pratiques.

Appel à candidature pour la sélection des étudiants de l’université Panafricaine au titre de l’année universitaire 2022-2023


Veuillez trouver les documents relatifs  à l’appel à candidature pour  la sélection des étudiants de l’université Panafricaine au titre de l’année universitaire 2022-2023.

L’appel a été lancé officiellement sur les sites de l’Union africaine  et de l’université panafricaine  le 15 juillet 2022 .

La date limite de recevabilité des dossiers est fixée au 13 septembre 2022.

Vous trouverez plus de détails sur les deux versions de l’appel (Anglais et français).

برامج الماجستير بجامعة الأردن


تطلق كلية العلوم بجامعة اليرموك الأردنية برامج الماجستير المتوفرة بها

لمزيد من المعلومات حمل الملف المرفق لمعرفة التخصصات المسموح لك بالتقدم لها

Features of Virtual Data Rooms


Virtual data rooms are very important tools intended for companies that collaborate inside the creation of goods, services, and also other business actions. These business relationships need frequent data transmission and agreements. A electronic data bedroom is the excellent place to shop these files, making them readily obtainable to all functions. One of the benefits associated with a virtual data place is that changes in blueprints and other relevant data happen to be immediately on the market to all installers involved in the project. This feature is useful for your business that need in order to all activities of specific or group members in order to analyze the activities of the whole group or project.

Traditional VDRs can have a complex group of features. For anyone who is considering visit this web-site a VDR, make sure to check out how easy to customize the interface is. Many data area software service providers now enable you to customize the virtual data room with company colours, banners, and other branding components. Some sellers even offer white-labeling and custom domain names. You can also personalize the user software and workflow to suit your specific needs. Determing the best VDR to your business requires consideration.

Another significant benefit of a virtual info room is the fact it can safeguard your secret documents from unauthorized get. By major access functions on a user-by-user basis, you can control that can view, change, or delete a doc. You can also observe the activity of users by assigning all of them specific tasks inside the data area. This feature helps you monitor the progress of each end user in current, making it easier to check out who has usage of which files.

معايير الانتقاء للقبول في برنامج الحركية قصيرة المدى وتحسين المستوى في الخارج


قرار رقم 1003 المؤرخ في 04 أوت 2022 يحدد معايير الانتقاء للقبول في برنامج الحركية قصيرة المدى وتحسين المستوى في الخارج *

. معايير الانتقاء للتربصات قصيرة المدى *

معايير الانتقاء للمشاركة في التظاهرات العلمية بالخارج*

Solutions Driving Difference in the Pharmacy Industry


Technology is definitely transforming just how pharmaceutical corporations do business. Sensible packaging may track the moment doses will be popped away, prompting the patient to record side-effect monitoring details. The packaging can also transmit that data to a patient’s cell device. For example , when a individual pops out their daily dose of a certain medication , the program will warn the druggist that the medication dosage is ruined. This information can be used to help the person make abreast decisions.

Automation, is another technology generating change in the pharmaceutical industry. High-availability processing technologies and robotics are helping pharmaceutical drug companies cut down on human monitoring mistakes. With this kind of technology, pharmaceutical establishments can now set up medicinal items in a budget-friendly manner. Actually the cost of getting a new drug to market is normally estimated to end up being as high as $985 million USD, a find that is shown in the price tag paid by insurance companies and end-users. In order to cut costs, nevertheless , automation and innovation are critical.

Fast adoption of recent technologies is likewise disrupting the sector. Rapid developments in new technologies often reorganize competitive scenery and disturb entire industrial sectors. Within a couple of years, the market structure might be unrecognizable. Likewise, the playing god of equipment learning capabilities is allowing pharmaceutical firms to carry out medication validation operates much more cost-effectively. It can also help identify failed projects before they get started. Nevertheless this advancement isn’t limited to pharma firms.