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The proposed cultural and sports program to celebrate the great glorious liberation revolution on November 1st, 1954.


A proposed cultural and sports program to celebrate the Great Glorious Liberation Revolution

On November 1st, 1954, will take place in the student club space starting from:

03/11/2019 to 07/11/2019

1- Cultural Program:

- Lectures and seminars provided by professors specialized in the field of history.

-  Living testimonies from some mujahedeen of Souk Ahras region about the French massacres and violations committed against the Algerian people during the liberation revolution.

-  The best historical research competition on the most famous battles the ELN fought against the colonizer.

- Various cultural activities by the university’s accredited clubs:

  • A photo gallery about the revolution.
  • Theatrical performances.
  • Revolutionary poems.
  • Historical and cultural competitions.
  • A live sketch about the event.
  • Publications and posters.